‘Complete Vocal Technique’, a new approach to singing technique for all styles of music and speech. A run-through, and a Master Class with 2 – 4 singers.

Cathrine Sadolin

Cathrine Sadolin has discovered a basic fundamental system for the use of the voice, that is the foundation of ‘Complete Vocal Technique’. The techniques are being used today worldwide by professional singers, within all styles of speech and singing.
Complete Vocal Technique offers a radically new approach to singing and speech. The sounds of the voice are divided into four vocal modes: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive and Belting. When singers/speakers respect the rules of the modes, and combine them with elements such as i.e. Sound Colours, Distortion, Growl, Grunt, Creaks, Screams, Vocal breaks, Vibrato or Ornamentation Technique, a singer can produce ALL sounds in a healthy way. The singer will be able to produce precisely the sound s/he wants, and can quickly pinpoint and correct any mistake, which means that 95% of all technical problems can be solved within a few hours. According to CVT it is crucial not to confuse taste and technique. Singing is not difficult. Everybody can learn to sing.
Cathrine Sadolin, the developer of ‘Complete Vocal Technique’, will make a run-through of the principles for CVT and demonstrate the efficiency of the techniques at a master class with 2 – 4 singers.

A brief introduction to Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) by Cathrine Sadolin

The first part of Cathrine’s 1,5 hour presentation at Pevoc7 (Pan European Voice Conference) in Utrecht. September 1st 2007.


Please note: The word BELTING is replaced by EDGE.

The term ‘Belting’ is used with different meanings by different singing technique methods. To avoid confusion CVT does not use the term ‘Belting’ anymore. Since mid 2008 CVT has changed the mode name ‘Belting’ into ‘Edge’.


Cathrine Sadolin: philosophy behind Complete Vocal Technique


Cathrine Sadolin: Complete Vocal Technique, brief run-throug