Julian McGlashan & Cathrine Sadolin: About their CVT Research

Julian is telling about how he and Cathrine met, and about their collaboration. “It’s extremely hard work, but I don’t even consider it as work, because it is so enjoyable. We both have a passion for voice, and different things to contribute, and that is why it has been so fruitful”.
Includes footage from research sessions at CVI December 2013.


Julian McGlashan & Cathrine Sadolin: CVT research equipment explained

Julian McGlashan is demonstrating the various endoscopes, electrodes, high speed equipment and software used for some of the CVT research. Thanks to Olympus and Laryngograph for providing us with state of the art equipment!


Julian McGlashan & Cathrine Sadolin: CVT Research Study December 2012

Julian McGlashan talking about the study and what to expect from it.


Julian McGlashan & Cathrine Sadolin: What are we looking for?

Julian McGlashan is talking about, what we are looking for in our research.