Eddy B. Brixen (EBB-consult), Cathrine Sadolin (Complete Vocal Institute)

The Complete Vocal Technique defines four vocal modes: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive, and Edge. This paper reports the result of a listening test involving 59 subjects. The goal has been to find the importance of onset and decay features when identifying the vocal modes. The conclusion is that the onset only to a minor degree is responsible for the aural detection of vocal modes.

Importance of onset features-1Importance of onset features-2Importance of onset features-3Importance of onset features-4Importance of onset features-5Importance of onset features-6

AES paper can be downloaded here:

AES 137-paper175

This paper was presented at AES (Audio Engenering Society), Los Angeles, US, October 2014 by Eddy B. Brixen, Cathrine Sadolin and Henrik Kjelin