Eddy B. Brixen (EBB-consult), Cathrine Sadolin (Complete Vocal Institute) 

According to the Complete Vocal Technique four vocal modes are defined: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive, and Edge. These modes are valid for both the singing voice and the speaking voice. The modes are clearly identified both from listening and from visual laryngograph inspection of the vocal cords and the surrounding area of the vocal tract. In a recent work a model has been described to distinguish between the modes based on acoustical analysis. This paper looks further into the characteristics of the voice modes in singing in order to test the model already provided. The conclusion is that the model is too simple to cover the full range. The work has also provided information on singers’ SPL and formants’ repositioning in dependence of pitch. Further work is recommended.

AES paper No. 8897 can be downloaded here:


This paper was presented at AES (Audio Engenering Society), Rome, Italy, May 2013 by Eddy B. Brixen

Written by Eddy B. Brixen