Pro-seminary work is an academic research, that is done in order to become a bachelor of Music (or as we call in Finland, a “candidate” of Music). I did it as my graduation work in Sibelius-Academy, which is a University of Music located in Helsinki, Finland. My work was titled: “Complete Vocal Technique – What kind of concretical help has the method given to singers”

I wrote a 40-page research based on the report of the questionnaire I made. In my research, in the theoretical part I explain what CVT is about and compare it to other singing techniques. After that, I explain my research-method and then analyze the results. This research is written in Finnish, so it’s no use for you to see it and it’s not published in the internet (they now will store it as a book in the Universitys library).

I wanted to do this work, because I haven’t read any academic researches concerning the CVT. CVT has helped me so much, but of course when doing a scientific research, I couldn’t let my own opinion shine through. I could have done the work just by interviewing a couple of CVI-students, who I know that already love the technique and write the whole work about their experiences, but I wanted to be more objective and get a wider scale and as many opinions and answers as possible. I was expecting very different opinions, but I was so surprised to find out, that so many people had found so much actual help from the technique!

Facts about me:
I am 24-year old singer and musician from Helsinki. I graduate this spring from Sibelius-Academy. I took part in the 1-year singer course in 2006-2007.

I released my first record with a Finnish folkmusic-group at the age of 11 and have been singing in different musicals and bands ever since. I started to tour professionally as a singer/keyboardist in Finland when I was 16. Now for the last four years I have been a lead-singer in a band called Husky Rescue, that plays cinematic pop music. We are now working on our third album and we are signed to two labels: Catskills Records in UK and Minty Fresh in USA and we therefore travel constantly performing around the world. Our songs have been on tv-series, such as the Sopranos and One Tree Hill.

I also have my own jazzband Kemia and have published one solo-album of my own material for Universal Music Finland. I teach music and singing and am very interested about human voice 🙂

Sincerely, Reeta-Leena Korhola

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