This site will cover CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) related research including methods, data, videos, thoughts, results, conclusions and much more. The CVT Research Site presents the ongoing research and debate that forms CVT, and describes how CVT is being tested, discussed and developed. In other words: the nerdy stuff.

We are continuously working on updating segments of the site, but bear in mind that segments of the site were last updated in 2016. We have performed a lot of new research projects since then and they will added to the site when we get time. Until it is done, we hope the research site is still helpful.
If you want more information about the most recent research updates, please contact us at frontoffice@shout.dk


The aim of the CVT Research Site

  • We think that research should be shared, therefore the aim of the site is to make the data, research and knowledge easily accessible for everyone interested in voice research, anyone who wants to understand and study the human voice.
  • We want the articles to be easy to follow so also singers with no experience in reading research articles find it understandable.
  • By giving access to the data and info, it is possible for anyone to study the data and decide for themselves.
  • We believe that by collaborating, sharing and exchanging knowledge we will all become wiser.
  • The CVT Research Site is free of charge as the aim for the site is to make the data and research accessible for everyone.
  • One of our aims is to allow access to the original data files so that others can benefit from them and use them for their own research. Once we have completed our studies we would be very happy to share the original data.  Please contact us as we are very happy to collaborate with anyone with a research interest in the singing voice.



More about CVT and the CVT Research Site

CVT is a style-independent method with an agreed and strictly defined terminology being taught at Complete Vocal Institute (CVI). CVI is Europe’s largest institute for pro- and semipro singers. This means that we have acces to hundreds of skilled singers, all with the same extensive technical training (CVT) and with the same terminology (we speak the same technical language), so we are able to communicate about the techniques in very precise details.

This means that the techniques and pedagogical method have been tested, discussed and developed among professional singers for many years.

During the last 7 years we have had increased focus on the research side, where we have conducted a line of studies in collaboration with Mr. Julian McGlashan MD, Consultant Laryngologist  from the Queen’s Medical Centre Campus, Nottingham University Hospital in Nottingham, UK. Many of the studies at the CVT Research Site comes from this collaboration. Studies have also been made on a regular basis with Eddy Bøgh Brixen from EBB Consult and Finn Agerkvist from Danish Technical University. These studies are also presented at the CVT Research Site.

Some of the studies have been presented at various voice conferences, for example AQL in Ohio, BVA in London, Pan European Voice Conference (PEVOC) in London, Groningen, Dresden, Marseille and Prague, and at Audio Engineering Society (AES) conferences in London, New York, Budapest, San Francisco and Rome. (See ‘conferences’ and ‘abstracts’ for more details).

In addition to the studies that have already been made, more research studies are under way. We will continue developing the CVT Research Site on a regular basis in the years to come.

Hope you’ll enjoy!!