Visual Effects Recognition Test Study on videos

In 2012 Cathrine Sadolin and Julian McGlashan conducted a study ‘Visual recognition on videos of the laryngeal gestures associated with various effects such as Distortion, Growl, Grunt, Rattle, Laryngeal vibrato and Hammer vibrato, as described in the Complete Vocal Technique’.

The conclusion was that there appear to be recognizable laryngeal gestures associated with production of each of the effects. And with relatively little training it is possible to recognise these laryngeal gestures for correct identification as with a high degree of agreement (inter and intra-rater reliabiliy).

The result indicates the percentage of correct answers for recognizion of Grunt:

Recognision of the laryngeal gestures in Grunt on videos : 65,6%

This study with the title ‘Analysis of the mechanism of effects such as Distortion, Growl, Grunt and Rattle used in a healthy way by 18 professional singers’, was presented by Cathrine Sadolin at Pevoc 10 (Pan-European Voice Conference) Prague, Czeck Republic, August, 2013.