As a little introduction to the CVT Research Site, here is a video showing a typical research work session. ENT Doctor Julian McGlashan is endoscopying CVI teacher Claes Wegener. Claes is singing and playing a song of his own while CVI teacher Camilla Bogulski is monitoring the sound- and endoscopy recording. In this song Claes demonstrates all vocal modes: Neutral, with and without air, Curbing, Overdrive and Edge, and he uses sound colours from very dark to very light, and he uses effects such as Distortion, Creaking, Growl, Rattle, Grunt, intentional vocal breaks and technique for ornamentation.

On the spur of the moment Cathrine Sadolin grabbed her iPhone and recorded the session.

All the equipment, the technical subjects and the various vocal techniques and much more will be examined and explained on the CVT Research Site.

We hope you will enjoy it!

[wikivideo src=”/intranet/video/ClaesIphone.mp4″]

Here you can examine the endoscopy recording:

[wikivideo src=”/intranet/video/2CWsongweffects.mp4″]